So, this is it, the documented beginning of our journey. Tickets were booked a while back now, and after much searching we found Return flights to Bangkok for £400 each, with a 2 hour stop off in India. The cheapest we could find was £380 but the flight had a 10 hour stop in Amsterdam so we opted for the shorter total travel time.

We don’t have much planned yet, but what we do know is that we’d like to obtain our Dive masters in southern Thailand, while we’re around this area visit our good friend Cashmore for a weekend or so, then head over to Bali for around a month then pop to Cambodia.

(After some initial browsing it looks like AirBnB may be the cheaper option in Bali, especially if you’re travelling with a partner or don’t mind sharing a bed with your buddy)

I must say I’m very excited, I’ve been on small trips here and there, but I’ve been waiting to do some long term travelling for a while…It’s weird to think it’s finally here, but I can’t wait, not so sure I suit this normal life of mortgage and working just to live, kinda seems a bit of a waste to me, but hey travelling isn’t for everyone.

I’ll keep you all updated, and if there is anything you think I should do with the blog (apart from give it up) let me know.