Waiting to go travelling is a weird one, on one hand it’s kinda good to be working, saving up those extra pennies (every little helps), but on the other hand I just wanna finish work and get gone already. At first I thought it would make working a little easier, knowing that soon I would be leaving it all to travel, but actually in some ways it’s made it harder.

I think it would be pretty nice (if the opportunity arises ever…) to one day quit your job, drop it all and just leave on a whim, it must feel pretty amazing to do that, maybe I’ll never find out what that’s like, who knows.

It’s also odd thinking about all the things I’ll be seeing without actually having any idea what it will be like, sure you can google things and read opinions and look at pictures, but it’s never really what you think it will be like.

well there is 9 and a half weeks left till I leave, and I cannot wait!!