Hello everybody! I just wanted to give you a quick update on travelling! That above is a picture of me having what some folk refer to as “a good time” I’m sure we’ve all had one or two of them, but this one is different, this “good time” is in Thailand!

That’s right, I’m finally here, the trip has begun. I have actually been here just over a week now, spent essentially 7 days in Bangkok, first few in a lovely AirBnB room and the next few at a decent Hostel called Glur. Located just outside all the hustle and bustle, but right next to the water taxi and BTS skytrain.

My initial thoughts of Bangkok are holy crap this is hot, and please give me some water, and I really wish there was Aircon… everywhere… after a few days that still didn’t change but ah well! we had Air con in our rooms, but in the hostel it was only turned on between 10PM and 7AM.

Currently in Hat Yai which is far south near the Malaysian border, down here mainly to see a friend who moved out here, it feels almost cooler here than Bangkok, and even though it’s one of the biggest cities in Thailand it feels fairly small!

I will add seperate posts about each place and go into more detail on my thoughts so far and I will also add a “tips page” of things that I found handy to know!


Thanks for reading, take care, and God speed!