When travelling as a couple it’s easy to get carried away staying in private rooms,  mostly because it works out cheaper to do so, and after you’ve done this for a few nights you kind of get used to it, so the idea of staying in a 10 bed mixed dorm can seem annoying or pointless. Yes it may seem annoying having another 8 people in the room with you, and you may be worried about getting woke up in the night by someone throwing up or falling over something but here’s why I think it’s important to do it from time to time…

It develops you as a person, It helps you define who you are, and become that little bit more confident with yourself. If you’re not the most confident person in the world, or even if you just struggle with knowing what to say, most of the time you will overcome this without even realising, see, the conversations tend to flow naturally, you meet a lot of very talkative people, and in these situations you barely have to put it any work, but it makes you realise people are interested in who you are, and what you do back home and why you’re here. I also think its nice to remind yourself that you’re funny or have a story to tell. Back home we’re often surrounded by the same people all the time, and maybe they get sick of your jokes, or you feel like you’ve repeated everything you have to say, they’ve heard a thousand times about that time you shit the bed, but here everyone is new, every conversation is fresh, it’s quite relieving in a way to talk to so many people, even if sometimes it’s only for a brief chat.

A wonderful day snorkelling with friends met on Koh Tao!

You also may meet some friends for life, or people you happen to just spend a few days with, or people that you have so much in common with, people who inspire you in huge ways or in small ways, by maybe just telling you where to go next or something.

So if you’re travelling as a couple and spending all your time in private rooms, or you’re a little bit shy normally, try it out, stay in a mixed dorm, talk to some people or at least let them talk to you, express yourself, laugh at people and let them laugh at you.

Just be yourself, and let people enjoy you for who you are.