Our rough plan all along has been to head to NZ around December time to hopefully work and travel,  but obviously you have to apply for your working holiday visa etc. But…

Today we heard back about our NZ work visa and it is good news, we have been approved!! which is amazing 🙂 although it was pretty much a guaranteed thing anyway, it’s nice to have it actually confirmed. We have also used a website called kiwihousesitters, which is a house and pet sitting website and we have secured 3 weeks house sitting over Christmas in Hawkes Bay looking after some Dogs and Cats!

So the future is looking very bright indeed and we are both super excited about it. Not that we aren’t excited about where we are currently or what comes immediately next, but it’s very nice knowing that we have somewhere to earn some extra pennies and not only that it will be in a beautiful country that we both really want to explore!

So yeah, just a short post expressing our joy! 🙂 We also went on a nice walk to Kep national park where we had some amazing views.So overall, a good day! 🙂