Here are just a few things that I haven’t used anywhere near as much as I thought I would, they all (apart from the trainers) take up minimum room so it’s not really a problem.  I packed quite light anyway, bringing minimum items, but even still it’s always annoying to know you could have packed less!

  1. – Portable USB charger. We have 1 each and to be honest I don’t think we’ve ever had to use them. Maybe if you were in the jungle for a few days it would be handy, but currently that hasn’t happened.
  2.  – Trainers. Basically the same as above, maybe for trekking I would use them more, but in normal life they just have no use, flip-flops all the way!
  3.  – My water bottle. It’s very hard to find water refill points, so you usually end up buying water from the shops and when you do find a refill point you have a plastic bottle already.
  4.  – Mosquito Net. They pretty much provide them for you when necessary, and if they’re not provided then there is usually nowhere to hang them either, making them redundant so far.
  5.  – Swimming shorts. I think 3 pairs (though 1 doubles up as an ordinary pair of shorts)  was way to generous. Board shorts dry insanely quick anyway and in hindsight I’m sure one pair would have been enough.

There are some things that don’t make the list because not everyone would take them travelling, for instance juggling balls, I haven’t used them once yet. I thought I’d be a pro by now… I also brought my snorkel and that has also only had one outing, though I used my mask when scuba diving so it had a bit more use. But I kind of expected it to not get used much, maybe I should have just left it back home.