This is the story of Bokor Mountain and why, if you visit, you should wrap up warm and definitely take a rain coat…

Bokor Mountain is an odd place started in the 1920’s then ditched in the 1940’s it was left abandoned basically until 2009, when they built a better road and a new Hotel.

We rented out Mopeds again, but this time with more people, we had recruited some people from the hostel and started ourselves a biker gang, so we are basically living the dream! We started the ride to the mountain, the first part is standard flat Cambodian roads with not much traffic then after about 10 minutes or so we reached the entrance to the mountain road, where we paid a small fee to enter.

The road from here on up is pretty beautiful lots of twists and turns and some beautiful views. Now, we had heard about the place having its own climate and we had been told that we should definitely take a rain coat. However, some of us thought we knew better/ We didn’t… About half way up the mountain, the heavens opened and it got pretty cold, but we powered through and about an hour later we arrived at the recently built hotel. We were soaked and freezing, so headed inside to get some food and drink.

The hotel is probably one of the more bazar places I’ve seen. It was in pristine condition, in fact, a lot of the things there looked like they’d never even been used before. It had a mini arcade, a bar, a coffee shop, a mini mart and a noodle restaurant. Our first stop was the coffee shop, it took them about 15 minutes to make a coffee and a tea, and they had to run around the whole building to get our change, which ended up being a recurring trend, no one here seemed to keep any money in their till! We then went to the noodle place and got some food.

Now by this point, everyone else had started drying off a little bit and warming up, but I was seemingly getting colder, my flannel shirt was refusing to lose any of the moisture it had absorbed. So, we’re at the top of a mountain, in a creepy new hotel, I’m in shorts and a shirt and I’m soaked and freezing and the rain is not stopping… I decided to ask if there is anywhere near by to buy a rain coat, they inform me it’s a couple of km down the road. So I have to suck it up and buy an 8 dollar t-shirt (which ripped as soon as I got home). I don the t-shirt and wear my shirt over the top, we then leave and face the rain, it’s only 2km to the shop but it feels like a life time when you are shivering non stop. We finally get to the road side shop and buy a poncho, it instantly¬†makes me feel a tad warmer, the rain stops, momentarily at least! But we are finally at the good stuff now, the abandoned buildings.

Woohoo! Poncho!

The fog on the mountain changes so quick it is¬†unreal! But the buildings are still cool regardless of what the weather is doing, so here’s a few pictures!img_3151img_3152img_3153img_3160

Creepy church


Unfortunately it was getting late so we couldn’t see all the buildings so we had to head back down the mountain, the weather was starting to get a lot better and about half way down it cleared up a lot, it was also finally starting to get warm again! We pulled over about 3 quarters of the way down, for possibly the best sunset I have witnessed in my life. It lasted about 10 minutes and went from a slight glow to the sky being a burnt red, it was incredible!


It was very beautiful!

The rest of the journey was in the dark, but very easy. We got home, got showered then had some food! The mountain was awesome and definitely worth the visit, even if I did feel like I was getting hypothermia for half of it! So, if you do go (which you should) take a rain coat and possibly some spare clothes!!