It’s been almost 2 months since we left England, so I thought I’d give a little update on life and share some things that I’ve learnt that just make life a little bit easier or better, they aren’t huge or life changing things, but some may definitely help.

  1. When taking night transport, book a hostel for that night. – If you’re travelling by night bus/train and arrive super early it’s worth spending the extra £3 or so to book that night in a hostel, this way you will have a bed that you can sleep in right away. Yes it may seem like a waste of money, but trust me, it’s not fun waiting around from 6am till 2pm. Or you could email the hostel and see if it’s okay to check in that early, but if they are busy you will usually have to wait for your bed to be free.
  2. Trip Advisor isn’t always good for finding food. – Now, I’m a bit of a sucker for reading reviews all the time which can obviously be good for finding out the overall opinion of a place, but some of the best places we’ve eaten haven’t even been on trip advisor. In Da Lat we found a Bánh mì for 8000 Dong (27 pence), not only was it dirt cheap it was insanely tasty!!
  3. Nap during midday – Now we haven’t actually done this, but my advice would be this, get up early (maybe 6am) and wander around, literally everywhere is open anyway. Then go back to your room and nap for a while, and get back out at night. It’s a lot cooler, and it’s pretty cool experiencing life at 6am here, every is super busy by 7am especially the coffee shops!
  4. Renting a Moped –  Now I’d never ridden a ped before travelling, and I was convinced I wouldn’t while here, but there are places around with barely any traffic. I would highly recommend doing it, you can see so much more it’s cheap and easy to visit a lot of places but even though I feel pretty confident on a bike now, I still wouldn’t ride in the cities!
  5. Hold back on buying a drink with your food. – This one isn’t that important, but you save a lot of money in the long run if you don’t buy a drink with every bit of food you eat, just buy a bottle of water from a shop and take that in to the restaurant with you!
  6. Take advantage of information from hostel staff – The staff at Hostels are usually a wealth of information, and you know they aren’t usually looking to take advantage of you, also if you do rent a bike, it may be more expensive but it’s usually better and safer to do it through your hostel.
  7. Check on google for any upcoming festivals/events – You never know what you may miss, and it may be worth changing your plans for something, for example we are making sure we head back to Thailand, Chiang Mai, for Loi Krathong festival in November. It looks incredible and had I not googled festivals and events I wouldn’t have known about it.


So yeah! nothing amazingly life changing at all, but hopefully some of it will help you out! 🙂