I had heard of Hoi An before travelling, but I actually knew nothing about it, so I had no idea what to expect. The day before we arrived I had a quick look on google images and thought it looked nice, but it has definitely exceeded my expectations!

This post will mainly be filled with pictures and not much writing but I just wanted to share how cool it is here!!

This place makes me think of Cuba mixed with France, there are pretty much no high-rise buildings here so you always have a view of the sky which is awesome. The buildings are all so beautiful too!


Around the old town they close the streets off to mopeds during certain times of the day, and cars are not allowed down at all, so most of the time the only traffic you’ll see is foot traffic or push bikes.


You are supposed to pay 120,000 dong to walk down some of these streets but we actually managed to get away without paying, and we didn’t even mean to, we just happened to walk down some small alley ways, and only noticed when we walked the wrong way past the ticket booth!

The town is worth seeing during daytime and night-time, at night a lot of the markets sell lanterns and they are all lit up on display, it is a very pretty sight and definitely worth seeing! Also I recommend a nice little walk along the river where you can see people pushing out candles into the river!

Night Market

You can also take a nice and leisurely cycle ride to the beach which is only around 5km away, where you will pass some water buffalo playing in the fields.

Free ride!

so yeah here’s some other shots for your pleasure!!


I definitely think you would be a fool to miss out on Hoi An, it is cheap to stay here and it has great choices for food and drink which makes it an awesome place to spend a few days relaxing and exploring! Yes it can get annoying be asked constantly if you want a suit tailor-made for you, but other than that this place is amazing, one of my favourite places on the trip so far.