Man this quest was harder than it should have been, I was a fool and I thought I’d only bring a few pairs with me, ’cause you know, I can wash them often. But you get lazy and maybe some days, when you need too, you just can’t do any washing, so I got fed up and decided to go shopping…

When in Cambodia I decided to treat myself to some new pairs of boxer shorts and after walking around the market for a bit I tried my haggling skills and I purchased 2 Medium size Boxers (trunks? briefs? shorts?) for around £3. Anyway I was relieved, so I couldn’t wait to get back and try them on, after all there is nothing better than the feel of new boxer shorts on your nuts.

After arriving back at the hostel, I decide to try them on, and it was a disaster. A medium here is like a small childs back home, I was so tired when buying them I didn’t even pay too much attention. One pair I literally couldn’t wear, maybe my legs are just super muscular who knows. The other pair fit, but it was definitely not comfortable, but I figured I’d give them the benefit of the doubt and take them for a test drive, but that would have to wait till the morrow.

Dawn rises, though I wouldn’t notice as I slept in till probably around 10am. The boxer shorts are put on and off I go wandering, about an hour in and I literally cannot cope anymore, it feels like my meat and 2 are being smothered by Jimmy Saville’s sweaty hands (not that I know what that feels like…). I had to man up and deal with it until we got back to the hostel…I wouldn’t wear the world’s smallest boxer shorts for another 2 weeks or so…

After weeks of wearing normal size comfortable boxer shorts (For the interested reader I’m a baggy boxer short kind of guy, the looser the better, I like to feel a bit of a breeze tickling my family jewels). I decide to try them again, this time in Vietnam. I had forgotten what they were like, but after a short walk and a ridiculous amount of sweating I remember, and I hate it and I express my discomfort with the group. So the hunt for more boxer shorts commences, but for the life of me I can’t seem to find any, they are either too expensive or too small (and I wouldn’t be making that mistake again!!). So another month passes and we are back in Thailand, Chiang Mai to be precise, and I decide it is time to treat myself again, so we hunt the markets and stumble upon some extra large ones, perfect! Or so I thought…

But it turns out even though the waist size and leg width of the boxer shorts changes, the distance between the waste band and where the fabric meets your unmentionables, does not change…so here I am again with boxer shorts that are too uncomfortable, I literally cannot believe it.

The day after, we head to Chiang Rai and while walking around the markets I spot some beautiful, evidently baggy Thai silk boxer shorts, I feel giddy, but I’m hesitant, Jocelyn convinces me to take the plunge and buy some. So I purchase 2 pairs, both silk, one with some stylish dragons on and the other some elephants. When we get to the room I’m nervous about trying them on, but I finally get round too it, and man they feel good. the perfect combination of length, width and material! The following day I take them out for a walk in the blistering midday heat, and a couple of hours in to the walk, I remember that I’m wearing them and I still feel absolutely grand.

So 6 pairs of boxer shorts and about £12 later I finally find a couple of boxer shorts that actually feel fantastic on my gonads and that I can actually wear to walk around outside! Woohoooo!