Well well well, I’m back and I know you’re definitely excited to read this particular combination of letters that I have cleverly formed into what some people call “an incredible blog post” or “the only thing worth reading on the internet”.  I know that seems unlikely, but I believe there is some truth there.

I’ve been gone a while, life got in the way, ya know. Jocelyn took her laptop home, thinking little of the disappointment she’d be spreading amongst the fans. I guess I should take some of the blame, I could have purchased my own laptop, or I could have ventured to a library, but I was too busy exploring Japan. That’s right, Japan! (more about that in a future blog post) and then after Japan, I was reunited with Jocelyn in New Zealand, where we bought a van, and explored the wilderness(Lakes and trees, classic wilderness stuff). We were then house sitting, and I’d kind of forgot about blogging, maybe on purpose, was I scared of how the fans would react to my comeback? or did I simply just forget? we may never know the truth.

But here I am, I feel like I have a stupid amount I want to share with everyone, and I’m currently unsure how to share my stories with you, stories of love and hate, fun and boredom, drama and comedy and most of all, adventure, but I promise you this…I will, at some point… Blogging may be a bit slower for a while as we aim to spend some time vanning(Vanning, kind of like driving but not…) it around NZ, but where and when I can, I will post.

All jokes aside, a lot has happened since the last post, including two of my best friends (Dan and Ali) announcing they are pregnant, so I wanna wish them a huge congratulations! Can’t wait to meet the little person. For all the upsides of travelling it does have some downsides, like not knowing when that meeting will be!

If there is anything you wanna hear about first (like how do I continually look so damn handsome and heroic?) then feel free to ask in the comments.