Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, we all use them. The majority of the time we probably use them without even thinking, it’s a force of habit. We open the app or page and browse the same stuff over and over. We compare our lives to all these so-called friends, and for what? 

I wanna take you back in time to the days of Myspace, where yes, it was pretty similar to Facebook, we would showcase our interests and hobbies and brag about ourselves via our profile. But the difference was, that we used Myspace to browse for other people, for making friends, finding someone with the same music taste. However we certainly weren’t force fed a waterfall of ever changing pictures and opinions.

That hunt for other people with similar interests was awesome, and it helped me discover new things, especially music, but facebook isn’t like that at all. Facebook cements us further into what we already are, making us post things we think will get likes and I can’t help but wonder why we sit there and browse the same feed over and over.

Do we do it so we can gauge whether or not our next picture is worth uploading as we ponder whether it will get the reaction we feel it deserves. Or do we do it so we can genuinely feel happy about our friends lives?

I can’t help but feel that Facebook brings a certain bad feeling with it, I feel that it causes you to constantly compare your life with that of others, your friends, and while we should be extremely happy for everything our friends achieve, I sometimes find this feeling of jealousy clouding my mind, and I don’t think I’m alone.

It seems people don’t need to talk to each other as much anymore, we see all the interesting things that people do every day through the vast amount of social media websites. Anything worth telling has already been told, and I can’t help think it’s a little bit sad. That in an age where we can communicate so damn easy, rather than make the effort to talk to all of our friends, we browse their online portfolio of cleverly selected pictures and assume they are living an incredible life. We never stop to think that maybe, just maybe, a friend would love a phone call to tell you something that’s been weighing them down, or maybe they’d just love to hear your voice again, that old familiarity of something real.

So yeah, this blog post is a bit of a rant about social media, and how I think it has more of a negative impact on us than a positive, but more than that it’s a request, a reminder of sorts. I wanna urge you to pick up the phone, or send a facebook message to a close friend, and have a proper chat with them, ask about the mundane things they’ve been doing, ask if they’re actually okay. I think it’s important that we don’t lose that contact. I also think it’s important for our sanity, to keep us grounded, to remind us that there are mundane happenings in everyone’s lives, not just your own.