I recently went skydiving, on a beautiful sunny day over lake Taupo. Located in the middle of New Zealand’s North island, and if I had to sum it up in 3 words they would be this. Skydiving is awesome!

I’ve wanted to skydive for a very long time, I think it stems back to running and jumping off buildings when I was a kid, always wishing I could fly or jump from a bit higher. Or maybe I just wanted to skydive because it seems bad ass. Either way, it’s been on my mind for a long time. Doing it in New Zealand on a beautiful clear day was just the cherry on top.

after looking through the numerous pamphlets advertising all the companies we could choose, we decided to choose Taupo Tandem Skydiving as they were the cheapest.

I genuinely didn’t feel nervous for any of it, I think the excitement was too overwhelming, the excitement basically escalated constantly from the moment it was booked till the moment I took the gear off after the jump, so there wasn’t really any time for nerves!

I decided to go for the 12,000 feet jump because it was a lot cheaper and I’d heard the difference was only about 15 seconds of free fall which having never jumped before, seemed like an insignificant amount of time (A choice I don’t regret, but I’d definitely do 15,000 feet if/when I skydive again). You don’t pay till after the jump, which is so they can constantly bombard you with upgrade options. This would usually annoy me, but I was too busy day dreaming about the upcoming jump to even care.

Going up for the jump was an experience in itself, as I got to have my first flight in a tiny prop plane which was actually a lot nicer than I expected, I imagined it to feel like an uncomfortable bus journey through Vietnam or something, but it was actually very comfy. As we ascended my buddy started strapping me to him tighter, but he was a friendly guy so I braced up and took it like a man.

Me and Lydia then had a game of rock paper scissors to determine who would jump first, It was tense, but I managed to make the right decision and beat Lydia, earning myself the right to jump first. We shuffled forward, sat on the edge of the plane and then fell forward into the air, plummeting toward the earth. After the spins slowed down he put me in control and taught me how to spin during free fall, which was nuts!!

When the parachute was pulled, my tandem buddy allowed me to do some mad turns in the chute, pulling hard left, then hard right to do a super tight turn, this was extremely fun and kinda made your belly feel a bit funny(Kind of like that feeling you get when you go over a hill slightly fast in a car).

I cannot really describe how incredible the views were, the beautiful blue lake below, with the mountains showing off their might just in the distance it was stunning.

Upon landing I was instructed to do something called the Salt Shaker, which I believe was some kind of taunt towards the people on the ground, I’m not sure if I terrified them or made them giggle, but I thought I’d do it anyway.

So there we have it, I mean words cannot really do it justice, but I fully recommend the experience, it was totally worth the money, and I will almost certainly be doing it again! It was probably the single biggest rush I’ve ever experienced in my life, and I’ve been on the teacups before, so trust me, I know a rush when I get one!