The working stage of travelling (can I call it travelling if I’m doing nothing of the sort?) has finally commenced, it was inevitable though, so nothing unexpected there. The game plan all along was as follows; travel around S.E Asia, Arrive in NZ, find a job and earn money for whatever comes next. I wanted to share some things with you about working while travelling.

Now as I said above, I’m not really sure it should be classed as travelling if I’m working. Are people who take regular holidays but go back to the same job travellers? I wouldn’t say so. I know I’m in a different country, and that is of course, part of the adventure. But I can’t help but feel like the travelling has stopped, albeit temporarily.

The main reason I wanted to work in a different country instead of at home, was so that when I had enough money, I wouldn’t then have to pay for another expensive flight to get somewhere cool. Also from my calculations, life seemed way cheaper when travelling than it did renting a house/flat, running a car and all that usual home life nonsense. (This is in fact true at least for myself. However, I will say that I worked an almost minimum wage job at home, so travelling elsewhere to earn minimum wage wasn’t that big a deal. If you earn a fair bit at home, then I understand it may not be as simple.)

There were other reasons of course, like meeting new people, trying something completely new and just the idea of living and working in NZ seemed pretty damn awesome.

For those of you curious, finding a job in NZ was pretty bloody easy. We were using backpackerboard as our main source for jobs. We applied for a few and at first it felt like we were getting nowhere. Then (still within the first week of job hunting) we phoned up about a house keeping job on the south island, and that very evening we were on our way from Napier to Franz Josef to start our new life. The job was just a part-time house keeping role. But we were advised that getting an evening job would be easy, and it was. Jocelyn and I both landed jobs in different restaurants, both of which had more than 1 job going.

But work? work never changes. You get good jobs and you get bad jobs. The main difference in my day-to-day life is that I get an incredible view, where as back in Coventry, I looked out over council estates and chavs.

So what have I figured out while working my so far short time in New Zealand? Well, I’ve figured out that I still don’t really like working (or more so, I don’t like giving up my time. I do actually enjoy working one of my jobs). I’ve figured out that the people definitely make the job, and I’ve figured out that it is way easier than I thought¹, and that if you want this life, you can easily have it.

If you want any advice about getting a job in NZ feel free to leave a comment and I’ll help the best I can.

Take care all.

¹Now I admit, I lied. It wasn’t easier than I thought, but that’s because I already thought it would be easy. Life has a way of working out, you put yourself on a path and with enough determination you’ll end up where you intended. I believe this to be true for almost anything, the most important thing is to at least try.