This is a blog post for you and for me, to serve as a reminder. Travelling on a budget is easy, but it can seem boring at times which sucks but hey if it was fun, everyone would do it right?

I feel like I’ve learnt quite a bit, some good and some bad things so I’ll try list a few for you!

  1. Anything can happen! 
    Man this is the most important lesson. Life is crazy, crazy things happen, I try to mentally plan a lot, but somethings are just so out of your control its unreal. I came travelling with a girlfriend, who I’d been with for almost 4 years. Things happened we broke up, and now I’m travelling with my new girlfriend.
    You cannot plan for things like this, well maybe some people do, but that’s not cool! so my advice is don’t stress too much about plans, you never know what’s around the corner.
  2. Social Media Sucks
    Now overall it doesn’t suck, okay? But when I really think about it, it can ruin you a bit. You can be in a fantastic new place, but maybe it’s just a boring day, maybe it’s raining and there’s nothing to do, so you decide to browse Facebook. What do you see? Lots of people doing awesome things, this can make you feel guilty and wonder if you’re wasting your time, but try not to let it get to you, people only post the good things! It’s okay to have a boring day or week 🙂
  3. Long-term travel isn’t full of exploration and excitement.
    This kind of relates to above, I’ve been travelling for just over a year now, and unless you make a lot of money online, or are already super rich, you have to work to keep going. At times this has made me question whether I’m still really travelling, or just living a normal life elsewhere and to be honest I still don’t know. But I guess it doesn’t really matter, the beauty of it is, yes I may be in Australia and only working, but at least when I start travelling around again, well I’m already this side of the world!
  4. Australia has some incredible birds (the flying kind)
    This wasn’t something I expected to notice, but in my 2 weeks on the Gold Coast I’ve noticed that Australia has some very cool wildlife, especially birds! So many different bird noises and colours, which was a nice surprise.
  5. That saying goodbye becomes almost everyday routine.
    Man there are a hell of a lot of goodbyes while travelling, you meet some incredible people, but everyone has their own game plan, so get used to goodbyes, they aren’t really sad, but they always kind of suck!