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Listening to Music in another Language.

While having a bath, that’s right, a bath…I was listening to some Sigur Ros and sipping on some wine. Now one thing I’ve always loved about Sigur Ros is the fact I don’t understand Icelandic, so to me Jonsi’s voice is just another instrument. But that’s when it hit me… Continue reading “Listening to Music in another Language.”


Am I bored?

I sometimes feel confused. I get this feeling that I should be doing something else, something more constructive, or something more interesting. It’s a hard feeling to pinpoint. My brain kind of runs around in circles, trying to figure out what it is I’m trying to think. I guess It feels like I am thinking too many thoughts at once, and I can’t distinguish between them all. Continue reading “Am I bored?”

Anti-social Media

Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, we all use them. The majority of the time we probably use them without even thinking, it’s a force of habit. We open the app or page and browse the same stuff over and over. We compare our lives to all these so-called friends, and for what?  Continue reading “Anti-social Media”

Patience is a virtue, right?

Well well well, I’m back and I know you’re definitely excited to read this particular combination of letters that I have cleverly formed into what some people call “an incredible blog post” or “the only thing worth reading on the internet”.  I know that seems unlikely, but I believe there is some truth there. Continue reading “Patience is a virtue, right?”

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