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Working while travelling.

The working stage of travelling (can I call it travelling if I’m doing nothing of the sort?) has finally commenced, it was inevitable though, so nothing unexpected there. The game plan all along was as follows; travel around S.E Asia, Arrive in NZ, find a job and earn money for whatever comes next. I wanted to share some things with you about working while travelling. Continue reading “Working while travelling.”


Skydiving – The ups and downs.

I recently went skydiving, on a beautiful sunny day over lake Taupo. Located in the middle of New Zealand’s North island, and if I had to sum it up in 3 words they would be this. Skydiving is awesome! Continue reading “Skydiving – The ups and downs.”

Pai, should you have a piece of it?

Pai is the hippy paradise of Northern Thailand, or so they tell you. But is it really what you expect, will you fit in and “find yourself” there? Or will you just become another tourist with motorbike accident scars, a drunken tattoo and a 2 week hangover. Continue reading “Pai, should you have a piece of it?”

The beauty of Hoi An.

I had heard of Hoi An before travelling, but I actually knew nothing about it, so I had no idea what to expect. The day before we arrived I had a quick look on google images and thought it looked nice, but it has definitely exceeded my expectations!

Continue reading “The beauty of Hoi An.”

Kampot – Bokor Mountain (Silent Hill)

This is the story of Bokor Mountain and why, if you visit, you should wrap up warm and definitely take a rain coat… Continue reading “Kampot – Bokor Mountain (Silent Hill)”

Thoughts on Kep…

Before we came to Cambodia I had never heard of Kep, which meant I had no expectations, it may not be great as a solo traveller but it was perfect for the two of us. Continue reading “Thoughts on Kep…”

The curse of the ten dollar bill…(The Finalé)

The wait for the night bus to Phnom Penh is an interesting one, both of us too scared too attempt using the 10 dollar for now. So we wait, eyes set on Phnom Penh, but this isn’t any wait, it’s an 11 hour wait… Continue reading “The curse of the ten dollar bill…(The Finalé)”

Thoughts on Angkor.

If you’re planning a trip to Cambodia you’d be a fool to not visit Angkor, but I’m sure you know that. So I don’t need to ramble on about how great it is, you don’t need convincing. So this post isn’t for that, it’s for me to express how magical the place felt, and how at times it can feel like you’ve sweat more than humanly possible. Continue reading “Thoughts on Angkor.”

The curse of the ten dollar bill…

This is the story of a “wild goose chase” I hope it helps anyone who finds themselves in this situation and if you have any advice yourself please, I implore you, help us…
Continue reading “The curse of the ten dollar bill…”

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