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Listening to Music in another Language.

While having a bath, that’s right, a bath…I was listening to some Sigur Ros and sipping on some wine. Now one thing I’ve always loved about Sigur Ros is the fact I don’t understand Icelandic, so to me Jonsi’s voice is just another instrument. But that’s when it hit me… Continue reading “Listening to Music in another Language.”


5 Things I’ve learnt while travelling.

This is a blog post for you and for me, to serve as a reminder. Travelling on a budget is easy, but it can seem boring at times which sucks but hey if it was fun, everyone would do it right?

I feel like I’ve learnt quite a bit, some good and some bad things so I’ll try list a few for you! Continue reading “5 Things I’ve learnt while travelling.”

Working while travelling.

The working stage of travelling (can I call it travelling if I’m doing nothing of the sort?) has finally commenced, it was inevitable though, so nothing unexpected there. The game plan all along was as follows; travel around S.E Asia, Arrive in NZ, find a job and earn money for whatever comes next. I wanted to share some things with you about working while travelling. Continue reading “Working while travelling.”

Am I bored?

I sometimes feel confused. I get this feeling that I should be doing something else, something more constructive, or something more interesting. It’s a hard feeling to pinpoint. My brain kind of runs around in circles, trying to figure out what it is I’m trying to think. I guess It feels like I am thinking too many thoughts at once, and I can’t distinguish between them all. Continue reading “Am I bored?”

Skydiving – The ups and downs.

I recently went skydiving, on a beautiful sunny day over lake Taupo. Located in the middle of New Zealand’s North island, and if I had to sum it up in 3 words they would be this. Skydiving is awesome! Continue reading “Skydiving – The ups and downs.”

Anti-social Media

Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, we all use them. The majority of the time we probably use them without even thinking, it’s a force of habit. We open the app or page and browse the same stuff over and over. We compare our lives to all these so-called friends, and for what?  Continue reading “Anti-social Media”

Patience is a virtue, right?

Well well well, I’m back and I know you’re definitely excited to read this particular combination of letters that I have cleverly formed into what some people call “an incredible blog post” or “the only thing worth reading on the internet”.  I know that seems unlikely, but I believe there is some truth there. Continue reading “Patience is a virtue, right?”

How to really travel on a budget.

Most people want to travel on a budget, but the thing I found while travelling, is that most people’s budgets are actually quite large, here’s how to travel around S.E Asia on £10 a day or less.
Continue reading “How to really travel on a budget.”

Pai, should you have a piece of it?

Pai is the hippy paradise of Northern Thailand, or so they tell you. But is it really what you expect, will you fit in and “find yourself” there? Or will you just become another tourist with motorbike accident scars, a drunken tattoo and a 2 week hangover. Continue reading “Pai, should you have a piece of it?”

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